One Team…

Our group of employees are at the heart for all we do. When we hire individuals, we make sure that we locate them in the department that´s suitable for them and their character/personality. Our staff are affable and convivial but at the same time they are experts, encouraging and well-educated in their fields. Do you know how it works? It works for us because in spite of the fact that every department needed to generating fashion (starting from point zero till to the retail-sale-ready fashion) is under one hat. When it comes to the things that unite us - forceful efforts, morals, values (ethics) and eagerness for fashion - we are 1 great team.


The expectations at Stitch & Trim are high, but that´s build on the result of we belief and trust in our staff who are forced by the energy and love they have for their work and our business. They are not only arrange to make things happen, our staff is always aiming to turn with great results. It is our intention, passion and enthusiasm which underpins the triumph of the company.