Some facts about us…

Our productions are split in three areas, all located in Istanbul. Two of them have a surface area of 2.500m2 ( EU ). The third one is the biggest with 18.000m2 ( Asia ). All productions combined have more than 250 employees. The employees are working in different departments, but all with the same goal:


Be creative and innovative. 


Some of our departments are: Sourcing, Development Department, Marketing Department, Design and Sampling, Quality Control, Packing Department, Distribution and Logistics

Of course, we do a lot in one day. To give you a little insight into our capacities, here are some examples:

Leather skin/hides:     25 tones / per day

Metal accessories:
                                  Buttons:    8 to 10 million/per month
                                  Rivets:       25 to 30 million/per

Leather accessories:     40.000 to 70.000 pieces/per day

Paper accessories:        150.000 to 180.000 pieces/per day

Wave labels:                150.000 to 250.000 pieces/per day