General Informaton


Contact Person:

Erdem Dogan ( D, FR, NL, ES, TR )

Germany + Turkey Office 

Tel: +90 (0) 533 760 49 81    +49 172 529 35 01



Meral Dogan ( UK )

United Kingdom Office

Tel: +44 7826 899 354 



Number of Employees:

Prdouction:    78 employees

Office:    17 employees


Structure of Departments

-Sourcing, Development Department 

-Marketing Department

-Design and Sampling 

-Quality Control

-Packing Department 

-Distribution and Logistics


The Production Capacity:

Metal Accessories:    Buttons:    8 to 10 million/per month

                                    Rivets:    25 to 30 million/per month


Leather Accessories:    40.000 to 70.000 pieces/per day


Paper Accessories:    150.000 to 180.000 pieces/per day


Wave Labels:    150.000 to 250.000 pieces/per day


Production Area:    1. 2.500m2 - Istanbul

                                2. 1.200m2 - Istanbul


Spoken Languages:     English, German, French, Turkish


Brands we produce

Gerry Weber, Hackett London, BOGNER, René Lezard, Rosner, Adidas, La Martina, INDITEX Group, Original Penguin, Timberland, Superdry, U.S Polo, Betty Barclay, Puma, Meltin´Pot, MAC, Toni Dress, Perry Ellis America, Jaeger, ZERRES, Comma, and many more.




The Company


The company „Stitch & Trim“ is well known internationally for producing a variety of products based in high quality, reasonable prices, fast delivery, frequently updated collections, high quality customer service and maybe the most important for our clients: creativity and innovation.

Our concept is one of a kind, the main idea of our company is to serve customers, with the base of a unique and advanced way. S&T, which is in the top 5 largest Textile accessory producing company in Turkey, as well as joint ventures and sub contracts on a global base - with the aim to reach international fashion companies. For this project, our company has schooled and hired a team of well educated, bi-lingual, creative and innovative young individuals which are able to understand each costumers desires and to transfer the idea into well suiting products. Stitch & Trim is not only realizing designs and ideas from clients , our R&D department. is highly innovative, for each costumer we are also creating alternative designs and updating these with the newest and upcoming trends.

Another important factor, is that our company is manufacturing every kind of trimming;

starting from metal and non-metal buttons, leather and non-leather badges, brand tags (paper and non-paper), wave-labels, and many more. ...all in house production! This is a major advantage for our customers, based on the fact that they have to deal with only one production company, this leads to saving time, money and the products will be always based on the same high quality.




It´s fair to speak out loud that we´re a quite diverse organization. But when individuals ask us what the secret to our triumph is, we tell them it´s down to the key qualities which underpin each side of our work.



Because so much of what we do revolves around to make sure our clients are satisfied, our focal point is based on each and every aspect of their incident - whether it´s in person, on the phone or online - and we put all our energy to make sure our costumers service is tailored to suit each individual brand.



Gripping and to involve our existing clients - and appealing new ones - is important with a customer portfolio as broad as ours, so we could say that keeping a finger on the pulse of industry shifts and trends is a full time responsibility. Working intuitive and detecting opportunities prior the competitions do thrills us this days as much as it at all times has and because we´re every time on observation for electrifying methods to expand our business, we make a point of supporting novel innovations and concepts.



Individuals who do not know better probably that working in our fast-moving, trend-driven sector is a kind of a guesswork. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, we pride ourselves on our talent, creativity, skills and expertise to innovate but we are also in this for the long-term. So how do we stay ahead of the curve? By observing other markets and by being able to recognize challenges and opportunities that allow us to readily adapt to the always refashioning global retail environment.



The expectations at Stitch & Trim are high, but that´s build on the result of we belief and trust in our staff who are forced by the energy and love they have for their work and our business. They are not only arrange to make things happen, our staff is always aiming to turn with great results. It is our intention, passion and enthusiasm which underpins the triumph of the company.



Our group of employees are at the heart for all we do. When we hire individuals,´ we make sure that we locate them in the department that´´s suitable for them and their character/personality. Our staff are affable and convivial but at the same time they are experts, encouraging and well-educated in their fields. Do you know how it works? It works for us because in spite of the fact that every department needed to generating fashion (starting from point zero till to the retail-sale-ready fashion) is under one hat. When it comes to the things that unite us - forceful efforts, morals, values (ethics) and eagerness for fashion - we are 1 great team.





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